Shinjuku Friends

Shinjuku Wardfs Family Group for Mental Disabilities
(both families and clients welcome)
Providing support and information for families since 1969

If your children or loved ones are exhibiting any of the following behaviorsc

withdrawal into their room
an inability to sleep; an ongoing depressed mood; and a loss of interest in their usual activities
an inability to concentrate; a sense of heaviness in their body; difficulty doing work
frequent muttering to themselves or laughing aloud for no reason
a persistent belief that they are being watched or their home is being bugged; hearing auditory commands when no one is around; fear of pursuit or attack by enemies
violent speech or actions
insistence that they are not sick; refusal to see a doctor or to take medication
c everyone - including both sufferers and families - is welcome to call on us for support!*

*All business is conducted in Japanese.

Please note that Shinjuku Frenz is not responsible for any personal incidents or difficulties that occur outside of the family group setting. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Our events and activities are made possible by Shinjuku Ward, the Shinjuku Council for Social Welfare, and the Shinjuku Department for Social Welfare.

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since '99.11