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Linux CD-ROM Game System

  YAMAMORI Takenori <yamamori>

§ Burning the CD-R, the game system starts !

At first, we add a "-dummy" option to cdrecord command for a rehearsal. Even in case of rehearsal, we have to insert a blank CD-R media into the drive.

In the dummy mode, just a writing test is occur without physical writing. Here, we can make sure that a buffer-under-run does not happen.

If the rehearsal is over successfully, don't forget to eject the CD-R media from the drive once and then insert it again because some drives will fail in a next writing if we forget it.

Then, removing the "-dummy" dummy option, we actually burn the CD-R with cdrecord.

The concrete procedure is the following:

  ... insert a blank CD-R media into a drive ...
# cd /tmp
# cdrecord -dummy -v dev=0,4,0 speed=6 -pad -dao CD.iso  # rehearsal
  ... confirm it ...
  ... eject the CD-R media and then insert it again ...
# cdrecord -v dev=0,4,0 speed=6 -pad -dao CD.iso         # actual writing

You have to change the speed=6 option according to the writing-speed of your own drive.

The "dev=0,4,0" option is taken from the previous output of "cdrecord -scanbus" command that specifies the SCSI device.

Now, the CD-R for the Linux CD-ROM game system has been burned. We can reboot the machine now, and it is the time to see that the Linux game system boots with just the CD-ROM.

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