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Linux CD-ROM Game System

  YAMAMORI Takenori <yamamori>

This page has been rewritten for the web from a manuscript of TECH Linux Vol. 2 "CD-ROM Game System" ASCII Corporation.

You can play a game with just a bootable CD-ROM. You don't need any hard drive. Like a consumer game console, it boots with only a CD-ROM and provides you with a Linux SDL(Simple DirectMedia Layer)game without logging in. I explain how to make such a CD-ROM bootable game system.
Late Breaking News:
Recent Linux distribution's /sbin/mkinitrd uses /sbin/sash (or /sbin/nash) as a standalone shell instead of /bin/ash.static. This causes a problem. /sbin/sash has a built-in echo command but it requires to type as "-echo" instead of just "echo" and it cannot work with redirect. So, you must copy /bin/ash.static into initrd-game.img by hand.

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"Let's burn CD-R on Solaris/Linux/FreeBSD" (Japanese)

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